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CLICK HERE TO READ THE LATEST FLAME! Excitement at every turn! <g> 05/28/00

First I would like bid thee welcome to my web site. Yes, if you are a returning visitor, I am finally updating my site. Read my update here. If you don't mind having an advertising banner at the bottom of your browser, I am now the proud owner of the cheesy NameZero account and you can get here by pointing to Yes, I am a dot-com.

I am going to tell you I am a vampire. I do not care if you believe me. You don't have to and I will not make you. Your acceptance of this means nothing to me. But it may mean something to someone to hear what I have to say. There may be someone else out there who feels like I do and doesn't know where to turn. I am sick past death of being alone, mocked, and used. NO MORE!! Believe what you will, but listen with an open mind. If you are here to poke fun and condemn, be gone. You are neither wanted nor welcome here.

I read every email that you send to me, even the hate mail. What I find amusing is those of you who send the hate mail with an anonymizer, a false address, or a temporary address. I have to things for you: 1) If you are so disgusted with me, why the hell are you here reading this, much less wasting your "valuable" time emailing me? 2) You are a coward if you are not prepared for rebuttal.

Now, I want to tell you I also have gotten your letters of longing, of hope, and of consolation. I appreciate all of you who have written to offer me comfort from my pain. I have also heard your plea. I am always here to listen. Always.

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