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How to Become a Psychic Vampire 

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To become a member of the psychic underworld, you need not die a physical death. You must have a desire to out live all others. To out live mortals you need energy. This manuscript will not tell you how to drink blood or is about psychic vampirism. If you were looking to become a blood drinker you can stop reading this now for you will not find it here. I will tell you how to master the power of the psychic vampire. So those who are interested to learn from a vampire...Read On! What is a Psychic Vampire?

A psychic vampire is an individual who, to survive and replenish used energy, feeds on a victims' life force. Their life force feeds the vampire's. The vampire could be any one of any race; the bank president, the paper boy, or the sales clerk at the local grocery store. The psychic vampire loves, longs, cries, and feels pain. The psychic vampire is not a "creature" as so dubbed, but a living breathing person with a power above others, may it be because of misfortune or training. Sources of Energy

One may acquire their energy from a number of sources. It is recommended that the beginner, especially those without a proper teacher, feed from people who seem invigorated or, shall we say "hyper". This is the easiest victim for they seem to radiate energy, open season for the hungry vampire. After more practice, one can feed off anyone. Even over the phone! It is not advisable that one try to feed off an ill person, extremely depressed person, or suicidal person. They could not only give off negative energy that would hurt you, but it could also kill the victim! That is not what the psychic vampire is set out to do. The vampire is feeding on energy merely to sustain its needs of survival. How to Meditate and Direct Energy

To be able to feed, you must be capable of meditating easily and freely. If you have not read any books or been instructed on meditation, I will give you a short lesson here.

To begin meditation, one must sit relaxed. Sit with your posture straight and your shoulders square, Some prefer to sit yoga fashion, but it is not necessary. Slowly relax from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes. Every muscle in your body must be relaxed. Relax your mind. Completely empty it. Think about nothing yet be aware of everything. When this is correctly accomplished no outside disturbances will affect you, yet you will sense the slightest activity. Now, feel every nerve in your body. Be aware of each and every one. Feel your energy traveling through you, out you, around you, and back into you. Feel the energy pulsate in you. Once you are able to do this comfortably, any time, any where, you are ready for the next step. Feeding Time

Now to feed. You should now be able to meditate and draw energy through you. The only difference is that instead of directing your energy, you must will someone else's. To do that, feel around. Find someone who has an abundance of energy. Once You have picked out your "victim" or "source", concentrate on them. If you must look at them, then do so. If not, picture them in your mind. Imagine their energy coming out of them and entering you. Continue to do this until you feel satisfied. You may feel the life force coming from them become too weak. In that case, stop, you do not want to leave them overly exhausted or be noticed. If you do not feel satisfied you may need to feed off more than one person.

As you get more practice, you will be able to this from a distance and over the phone. Perhaps you have a compassionate heart towards the unknowing victim, you can learn to feed off a crowd collectively.

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