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Thoughts and Visions 

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ANNOUNCEMENT: If I have touched you enough for you to send me your poetry, I would love to include on my site. Please keep your wonderful, (or criticizing) comments coming. If you send me poetry or other original work, please include whether or not I may include it and the name and/or email I should give credit to. Thank you for your beautiful works!

Here are some emails I have answered:

Question: what's it like to be a vampire? sometimes I  like i want to be a vampire but i dont know how it would feel and all ur friends and family die while u live, but then i know some bout vampires and i still would like to know what it is like to be like you.

Answer: Being a vampire is like constantly keeping company with strangers. You know everyone and care for them, perhaps love them, but cannot reach out to them and express yourself. You can have no true confidantes. Even though they all think they know you, they only know what you want to share. You learn to detach your outward emotions.

Question: Can you tell me how to identify a vampire from the rest of the world?

Answer: If you lined up 50 people all dressed exactly alike, could you tell me which was the poet, the executive, the father, the lover, the homeless? You cannot identify those who wish to remain
nameless faceless creatures by looking or merely speaking with them. You may be able to identify the psychic vampires if you can see with your mind's eye but only if their guard is down. Develop your mind's eye strong enough, and you may be able to identify them all. 

Question: I am a PsiVamp and I do not think that teach people that you don't know is a good idea. Can you imagine all the people on the streets taking energy form each other!!! Please, I was thinking that you could re-type your page so people would not try to become PsiVamps.

Answer: People do take energy from each other everyday everywhere. Unknowingly. Open your mind's eye and stand in a crowd...wait till Christmas season and it will be really attention to the disgruntled employee, the unhappy customer and really SEE. They are devourers of pranic energy. It would be a benefit if they learned to notice it and control it rather than walk around like black holes. No?

Question: Grow up and get a life.
Answer: Can't grow up, would love to have a life. 

Question: If I steal energy from people will I be immortal?
Answer: No. If you eat celery, will you become a vegetable? 

Question: don't have a guestbook.  :'-(  I wanna'd ta sign it...
Answer: I do now...have at it! 

Answer: I can play this game you're not, I am :) 

Question: how dare you mock my heritage with this website i have lived for two hundred thousand years and have never heard of your clan. if you are an imposter, witch i imagine you are you will feel the wrath of my scorn i will hunt you down you will wish you had never heard of the name archemedes
Answer: I am myself only, no clan thanks. Are you an offended RPGer? Those 200,000 years sure have made you cranky, huh? BTW- Your email name was not Archemedes - (SAS)