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My Story

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I am not quite sure how I became what I am today. I have only theories. My mother was a witch, did all sorts of spells when I was very young, then something scared her terribly. She refused to go back to it.

Perhaps I was destined to this fate. Perhaps I was born this way and it awoke the older I got. All I know is that I look like I am between 14 and 16 years old, but I left that age long ago.

I hear what others are thinking...I can hear their thoughts. Sometimes it drives me mad. I get a rush and a thrill and ultimate satisfaction by feeding on others' psychic energy. I do this because it is not socially acceptable to feed off of people physically. But that is the best there is.

I am very passionate about things and people whom I care about deeply. I am quick to anger and have a terrible temper.

I seem to have a sixth sense about things. A very very strong one. I have dabbled in the occult since my "change" and am excellent in divination, tarot cards, and reading people and objects.

Maybe this makes no sense to you, or perhaps it does. If you are like this, find comfort in the thought that you are not alone. What it is that I am supposed to be? I have been told by numerous folks and pagan practitioners that I am vampire. According to myths and books, I am a vampire. Am I in denial? Been too long for that. I am different and I have felt this pull towards a quest for something. It feels like there is something I am supposed to find or do.



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