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A lot of creatures will disagree with this, and that is fine. I welcome the comments and thoughts that come from the publication of this essay. If you would like to start a discussion about it, please jog over to the discussion page and head over to the forum.

On Vampires Destroy all myths and lore from your mind. A vampire is not created by demonic possession, by unholy burial, or an immoral life. During these pages we will evaluate vampirism and what is takes to become a vampire. To do that we must look at what people are calling different types. In actuality, the two types I am going to look at aren't different types, rather different stages.

Sexual and psychic vampires are not separate identities. Sexual vampires prey on the energy given off during sexual activities, therefore they are psychic vampires. The term psychic vampire is misleading as well, but we will use it for lack of a better term. One definition of the word vampire is 'one who preys on others' (Webster's New World Dictionary 1987). By that definition, I can handle using the word.

A psychic vampire is an individual who feeds on pranic energy, or life forces, from other people. Everyone can do this, and most do so without realizing it. After a day out or at work and having to deal with difficult people, you feel drained. They have been feeding on you. You go home to your significant other and "pass the strain" on to them, leaving them exhausted as well. You feel better though because you have "gotten it off your chest". You have then fed on them.

Everyone has been or is a psychic vampire, just they are unaware of it, therefore it is uncontrolled. In the fast paced world of today, it is becoming an increasing problem that needs to be dealt with and understood.

A true vampire is in actuality stage two of vampirism because all true vampires are psychic vampires, it has just been taken to another level. Not only are they in control of their feeding on emotional, spiritual, and pranic energy, they also need a further concentrated, material source of pranic energy. The most common source being blood. Technically is would behoove all vampires to seek out vegetable sources as well. As ridiculous as this sounds, vegetables have high levels of pranic energy.

Then, if a vampire can be a vegetarian what makes them any different from regular people? A vampire NEEDS HIGH LEVELS of pranic energy to survive. Higher than anyone else. In other words, a vampire cannot live on V8 alone.
How do they obtain this blood? Either from live donors, victims, animal, or contained blood. Some vampires have fangs protruding constantly, some just when they need them, and some not at all. These are only my observations, I have no other explanation for this at this time.
What about the myths, the ideas that vampires are pale, "allergic" to the sun, can fly, shapechange, and so forth?
Astral projection is a possibility for anyone and is especially easy for vampires to accomplish due to their highly developed psychic abilities. As for physically flying and changing shape, I don't think so.
Anyone who is malnourished, unhealthy, or never goes into the sun will be pale. Some people are just naturally light complexioned.
A vampire cannot venture out into the sun. A vampire can do anything a "regular" person can do, given they did not have any other condition. Anyone can have light-sensitivity, burn easily, suffer heatstroke, have day-glare blindness, and other similar conditions. I have noticed some conditions were cause by the mind believing in it. Once the mind overcame the belief and fear, the condition no longer existed or had lessened. I can speak from both personal experience and observation.
It is possible that one feel drained while about in the day, especially in direct sunlight. While I am still exploring this, my theory is resting along the hypothesis that the rays from the sun, like it bleaches color out of objects, can weaken the pranic energy, or draw it out of the individual.
Of course, the vampire could always be a night owl like any other person who feels more "alive" at night. Crosses, running water, mirrors, garlic, and such won't affect a vampire any more than it would affect anyone else.
All vampire live much longer than normal humans. Why? This has not been scientifically studied that I am aware of, but some reasons probably include: better nutrient consumption, higher levels of energy that assist in cell regeneration, and state of mind. The mind is a powerful thing. You will not feel pain until your brain tells you something hurts. likewise why should you slow your regeneration and really age until your brain tells the glands responsible to slow or cease cell/hormone production.
Some theories have concluded that vampires have extremely slow metabolisms. In my mind that would cause extremely slow cell regeneration, faster aging, and slower healing from illness and injury. Those I have studied have had high metabolism, very low blood pressure, and when well nourished, would heal from injury many times faster than the normal rate.
Vampires are not immortal though. Their existence can be brought to an end by most means that would kill anyone.
There are a few more things I want to make clear about vampires before I discuss anything else. A newly "born" vampire- rather or not they are aware they are a vampire or not - can go through some serious complications. As psychic abilities are enhanced, as the need to feed becomes predominate, the individual will become confused, angry, frightened, and will desperately want to soothe this need to feed. If they are left without explanation or go into denial about their new state of being, the results can be devastating.
They will search for a way to calm their craving, usually resulting in substance abuse, alcoholism, and violence. They can't pinpoint the hunger or won't admit to it.
The new and enhanced psychic abilities can also put them into a mental state. They are frightened about what is happening to them, unsure of who to go to, and unable to control any of it. All this combined can send the person into a state of mental instability and insanity. Sometimes it is irreversible.
Vampires also do not have high levels of trust (who can you talk to about it without someone thinking you are nuts?) and therefore are not usually very social. They feel out of place. They live secretive or secluded lives, always searching for a true companion, answers, or acceptance. Sometimes just an outlet. They also tend to "disappear" for stretches of time. Not always physically, but may close themselves up in their minds.
They have a very different perception of time as well. Years may merely seem like weeks or months.
Identities are often changed frequently. Either for security or due to an "identity complex". Their outward identity can be in constant battle with their true selves. The individuals they feed from can tend to leave an aural residue on the vampire which can contribute to identity shifts - usually unconsciously.
When they do find a companion, they love them with all of themselves and are quite loyal. The downfall is they can also be very possessive of that person. All are generally unpredictable and hard for humans to understand.
Mating can be accomplished, in other words, a vampire can participate in sex. Of course it comes with heightened senses, energy, and empathy. Some I have found enjoy it more, others less. I do not have the scientific evidence to correctly state the terms on which procreation is possible. I have witnessed males father children, females bear them, and sterilization. My research has not extended as far as exploring what classification the offspring are.
How does an individual become a vampire? The transition itself is a type of awakening mixed with a sharing of blood or fluids. It is becoming a theory of mine that the awakening is of a primal or ancient knowledge buried in each old soul. Let me explain the old soul theory:
Most have existed before, and will exist again. Go back to the principal that we are made of energy. matter can be neither created or destroyed. We cannot create something out of nothing, but we use resources rather. Even a new life starts from two preexisting cells that divide and are nourished by outside sources. A body dies and the body become earth.
What happens to the soul, the memories of the person who one inhabited the shell? This is a controversial topic. There have been many studies on past lives and memories, deja-vous occurrences, and so on. The souls and memories, if nothing else, are electrical impulses in the brain. Once again we go back to the principal, matter can be neither created or destroyed. So where does this energy go?
It evolves as an entity to another new shell, waiting to come into the world. It's next life or incarnation. If we hold these memories, why can't we remember them? At infancy and as we grow we are taught and molded by our parents and teachers. At infancy we cannot express our thoughts in a way that can be understood. We can only express our most basic needs and emotions. As we adapt and learn in our new environment we recall only the current past and present. Our memories and knowledge from our previous incarnations become filed away in out subconscious. Probably in that large part of our brain the "isn't used".
Sometimes children are documented to display "extraordinary psychic abilities" and knowledge "beyond their years". They are still in touch with part of those pasts. This scares most parents and adults and the child is discouraged. Society fears that which it does not understand. So is the way of the world.
Somewhere, buried deep, is the ancient or acquired knowledge of vampires. In most who become vampires, it was awakened - the psychic abilities, the need for energy - either by studies, conversation, or normal human changes such as puberty. Something just "rang a bell" so to say. At this point they become aware of differences in themselves and either forever deny it or seek to explore it. It is these that ask, "Am I a vampire?" They have reached stage one.
Unless they are brought forward from this point by a vampire, they will never advance any further. They may feed on pranic energy and have talented psychic abilities they can fine tune and study, but that is all. Even if an individual never reaches this point, they can be turned and taught by a vampire, or as I prefer to call it, awakened.
Small blood contributions can create the vampire. The vampire, more than likely, is already feeding on this person. They become a vampire in the full form when they are given the vampiric tainted blood. If there is a "vampire cell" or mutagen in the blood, I am not sure. But it seems it is the blood that completes the awakening.
During this awakening there tends to be a dream like stante, a feeling of astral projection between the participating parties, a flash of knowledge, and then for the new one, the rest of the process described earlier. This may differ slightly between individuals.
At this time vampirism is incurable.
This is what I know of the subject. I will ad more as I learn it and have larger groups to study. If you would like to contribute your experiences, comments, or questions, feel free to email me.