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Personal Works 

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Preliminary Thoughts:

These writings I am including in here are for your pleasure. They are all my work and therefore you may not claim them or sell them or print them elsewhere without my permission. All of these works have come from my soul and some may very likely have the same message and theme. That just tells you my mood for that period of existence. I welcome any and all comments you may make. Enjoy.


My Apology

Love Eternal

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Final Requiem new2.gif (111 bytes)

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Forever Damned

I Am

Vampire Lover

Sacrifice (Offering of Love)


 My Apology

You are my love
I exist for you
I live forever
but not without you
I hear your heart beat
it's my calling
I see your veins rise
as you begin falling
your death is my life
I am alone
I'm drunk on your blood
now that you're gone
my love killed you
yes I destroyed you
but I have no soul
I'm evil--it's true
these are my last words
my apology
I'm sorry I hurt you
now you are free

Love Eternal

From the darkness of the night
I emerge in search of you.
I can give the gift eternal
I am your fondest desires come true.
Let me in, open up your soul
For I do not posses one.
I will give you anything
Until you decide that you are done.
You can use me and abuse me
I do not really care,
For I love you with all my heart
Love forever is quite rare.

Love Lucifer

The love was found that dark night
When the devil did visit the girl of light
He kissed her mouth - he touched her breast
He wanted to take her, she sighed yes
She felt his passion like it was their first time
She remembered her love, she felt drunk as if on wine
He's gone for awhile but she'll call him back
She'll love him forever her love will not lack
She's under his spell His eyes...beautiful
She'll go to him soon her sweet Lucifer... 

My Final Requiem

My mind wastes away
yet my body lives another day
no death or pestilence has killed me
no knives, no guns, no arrows pierce me
I live. I mind grows numb
my pain doth hurt like morning sun
Eternal life...death's salvation
love forever, mind's mutilation
Always remember there is no death
it only lies in life itself
Don't forget the softness of the rain
for there lies the answer to end your pain.

Dying Inside

If I cannot understand
the ways of this disease
How can I find the means
to prevent it from eating me
I cannot find a cure
I cannot find the cause
I do not have a hope or prayer
No one will answer to my call
I cannot tell a single soul
No one can comprehend
The need, the want, the hunger inside
will see me to the end
Will this be my demise
Will it send me to my grave
Am I a freak or just insane
Is there anything to save
I'm dying inside please help me
My heart it aches for more
It's eating me up inside out
Please tell me what it's for.


For blood is the life
The fountain of youth
forsake your morals
the myths are forsooth
The vampires are around you
preying on your life
walking among you
giving you strife
Be it "living" or "dead"
they feed upon you
Won't you join them
they ask you to choose
I love you forever
I seek you to be mine
take the chance with me
It's about time 

My Lover

Steal my soul
corrupt my mind
Freeze my heart
make me blind
Suck my veins
drink them dry
Kill my body
blacken my sky
I want to be with you
your eternal slave
I'll love you forever
in His unrighteous name 

The Call

I call upon the powers that be
to curse my soul for eternity
I offer you my blood and life
I offer you my sorrow and strife
I ask you come and take me now
My will is yours, I crave and how
This is my plea, this is my call
Please come and take me from it all!

Forever Damned

Do you find me beautiful
Reanimated death
My skin is deathly white
I'm cold with icy breath
My movements are suspended
I'm from another time
I am the living dead
I am not of your kind

How can you say you love me
How can you say you want me
Can you comprehend
Do you understand
It's not a matter of life
To enter this eternal strife
It's forever death

Forever damned
Forever pain
Forever death
You relive again and again

Do you know what I am
Infinite youth
Will you destroy me
By means of nail and tooth
Does life mean anything
Is there a way
To turn back time
So that you will live another day

Forever damned
Forever pain
Forever death
You relive again and again...

Will you join my company
At the gates of HELL
Are you really ready
To put up your soul for sale...


Some say I am heartless
Some say I am cruel
My head is full of hate
My heart feels oh so cool

Baby you know who I am
Baby you know my name
I am the only one for you
When you play this dangerous game

I am your desire
I am your pain
I am your warmth
When you come in from the rain
I am your passion
I am your need
I am your knife
That makes you bleed

Some say I am pure evil
A black demon in disguise
But all you know is heaven
When you feel your passion rise

I am yours
I am me
I am infinite
Forever I will be...

I am...

Vampire Lover

I lost my soul
A long time ago
I threw it all away
I have no home
But where I roam
I'll never see the day

I'm pure evil
Death's denial
I've got plenty of time
Take a drink
You can't think
For you are mine

Eternally yours
A Vampire Lover
Forever mine
You're just another
Eternally yours
It's just a cover
I'm your Vampire Lover

Such a young man
Your fate in my hand
Will you live or die
Can you drink too
As I take from you
You begin to die

I apologize to you my love
For I loved you once before
But now you've got no use
To you I was fantasy and lore
I'm not a myth or insane
I'm real and I bleed too
Now that you've seen the true me
I will continue with or without you.

Eternally yours
A Vampire Lover
Forever mine
You're just another
Eternally yours
It's just a cover
I'm your Vampire Lover

Sacrifice (offering of love)

Let me explain
How I love you
My love is more
Than words can say
My love is deeper
Than the soul
The very life force
Where Karma plays

Invite me in
And welcome me
Let me be your guest
I feel at home
I'll show you thanks
With all respects
I'll Leave you there
All on your own

Let me offer you a drink
An offering of love
My hunger is deeper than you think
Sacrifice my angel from above
Let me offer to you...