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About Me, Myself, and I 

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I AM MYSELF So that may be extremely generalized, but exsistance is tough. I am a very tempermental and overly dramatic creature. I roam through life still hoping to find a meaning to my miserable exsistance.

Courtesy of the Masquerade "rock-paper-scissors" game players, I may now look however I want, talk however I want, and go where ever I want and no one ever takes me seriously. I owe the gamers  that, at least, I suppose. Credit given where credit is due.

There are many out there who play these so called games of the night. Some of those who I see claim there are no real vampires, only them, the game players. Do not email them with this "drivel because you are full of it if you are really claiming to be a vampire. If you are a vampire you would not announce that you are". And I say WHY NOT?

I am what I am. I cannot deny the truth. Why should I? Should I pretend to be " a normal human" playing games of pretend? That would be stupid. I am tired of pretending. I am tired of being someone and something I am not. I do it enough out in the physical world, why should I in cyberspace too?

So, here I am. My name is Leasre. I am a vampire. I am lonely, bored, heartbroken, and mad as hell. You can email me at leasre@yahoo.com.